How to see Webhook response in Console?

I have a number of webhooks. My understanding is that when they are triggered they generate an event. But when monitoring my device that has subscribed to these events I do not see them in the console. I use the deviceID in the custom response topic.

Is there some way to see these events to my devices in the console? I know I can see the webhook logs in the integration section, but I would like to see these interleaved with the events from my device. It’s a call/response pair and it would be nice to see it that way when monitoring my device.

One reason to do this is that I might make a mistake in my custom response topic, it would be easier to troubleshoot.

I can add that right now my issue is that I can see one webhook being triggered by an event, but my code that subscribes to the response is not getting called. It is hard for me to know where to look to diagnose the problem.


You should see the responses in the general view that lists all events pertaining to your account. The device view only shows the events originating from the device not the events the device has subscribed to.

BTW, in<yourIntegration> you will have a history of the last few requests and responses.


How did I not know about console events view? Doh! Thanks a lot, that is exactly what I’m looking for.

I do see the history of the last few, but it wasn’t clear to me the exact event title or data that was sent back. The integrations history is really useful for figuring out how the particle cloud is interacting with the target web site.