Missing "particle-internal" events in Product Event Viewer

Particle Console -> Products -> Events
I can see the events getting in from the devices (sampleCount = 7920).
However the logs of the WebHooks (Azure IoT Hub) with “particle-internal” are missing?

Product webhooks seems to work (sampleCount = 7920):

Only I as the device owner am able to monitor all related information of the webhooks. This is particular helpful to trace down the double dispatching error due to WebHook timeouts (Reliability analysis from Electron -> Particle Cloud -> Azure IoT Hub)

Is it possible for the team members to view the detailed event log I can see under my account?

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I don’t think the particle internal events have ever appeared in the product event log, because they’re not product events.

If you go into the account of the owner of the device, and view the Events tab there (top level, not in a product), the trigger and particle internal events should appear there.

In the last screenshot, you’re viewing the account’s event log, not the product event log, at least based on the URL in the curl command.

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@rickkas7 ARGH - thank you for that one!
Totally forgot to check that Event Log after I have upgraded the project to the new product plan. :confused: