Console not showing events for device in Product


I have a B5SOM that is in a product, currently does not have an owner. It was working correctly, but recently events are not showing up on the particle console. The events are being sent to the cloud as I can see them arriving in our backend. They are just not showing up in console. Can someone from particle please assist?


Are you looking in the product event stream? You need to open Products, the product it’s in, then Events.

If you click on the top-level Events icon it won’t show unclaimed product device events.

Hi Rick,

I am in Products then select the specific device within that product. I am triggering events with a particle function, which responds correctly, just the event does not appear.

It’s weird, I haven’t seen this before, and it was working correctly 10 days ago.

Particle functions don’t show up in the Events tab. Only published events show up there.

Sorry, yes, but some of my functions trigger events, which I can see coming through on my backend, just not showing on the events page. When I call vitals I also don’t get a response on the events page.

How do I raise a ticket regarding this issue. The support page just leads me to the forum.

Free tier users cannot submit support tickets. If you DM me the affected Device ID I can take a look.

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