[Solved] Webhook not forwarding callback from server (to product device subscription)



We’re currently trying to have configurations loaded from a server via. callbacks.

We’ve set it up so an Electron publishes an event called cfg, where the server responds with an JSON object in the response body containing the configuration for that particular Electron, however, we can see the JSON object in the HTTP 200 response on the Particle Webhook page under our product, but we cannot see any hook-response on the event stream or our subscription handler being fired at all. What could be the reason for this?

I believe it is the same issue as this:

However, I do not get why hook-responses have to be customer scoped - does this mean that we can’t handle webhook responses on a product level? No customers have scoped access to the products. So how do we enable webhook responses for unclaimed Electrons residing within a product.


Product events are unidirectional from the device to the cloud. There is no facility for sending private events to devices in a product.

You can only send private events to claimed devices, and all webhook responses are private. Therefore, the devices must be claimed in order to receive hook responses.

We recommend that all product devices be claimed while in use. They can all be claimed to a single account if desired.