Waiting for events via web console

I am publishing events from the Argon, using Particle.publish(“gps”, buf, PRIVATE);

These events can be seen via curl https://api.particle.io/v1/devices/events?access_token=xxxxx

But via the web console, it just says “WAITING FOR EVENTS”.

Why does the web console not detect my devices events, but the terminal window via curl does see them?


Are you checking via console.particle.io/events or console.particle.io/devices/[yourArgonsDeviceID]?
Are you logged in?
Can you see the Argon in your devices list under the console.particle.io/devices latter?
Can you see the “came online” event when you reset your Argon?

Also try refresh console. In my experience when I leave console open and then my tablet switches into power-safe after waking up console will still appear to be waiting but in fact it has stopped listening to incoming events.

I’ve checked both urls for events, both just say “waiting for events”.
yes, I’m logged in. Yes, I can see the argon in device list.
I do not see “came online” event via particle console, but do see events via terminal window (using curl).

I guess that since the events are being seen via terminal, that the events are being transmitted from my device. Just not being displayed in particle web console.

Both - the curl command and console - use the same channel for subscribing to events. But maybe it's your browser or an addon preventing the events to come in on your browser.