Getting webhook to work on all devices on team (not just my device)

I have 3 members on my team including myself. Within my team I have claimed one device and the other two members each have claimed their devices. For my device I have tried creating a webhook in particle’s console named “events”. When I did particle.publish(“events”,data,PRIVATE) in my code it did not work. However, when I made the web hook via the CLI the webhook worked for my device.

Now I would like my webhook to work for all devices owned by my teammates including my own. How do I do this? On the code/firmware side shoud I remove the PRIVATE field and have it particle.publish(“events”,data)? And on the webhhook side would my web console work for all devices? Or do I have to make the webhook using particle’s REST api and get tokens from each of my teammates?

AFAIK the public use of webhooks was removed a few days ago :wink:
Deprecating public event webhooks

If you want to share devices you might want to use product webhooks via the Particle Console.
There you can go for the free tier that allows for teams of up to five members.

Have you selected the correct trigger device or used ANY?

I tested the console webhook out for ANY and it worked for my device. Will this work for all of my teammates devices as well? When I tried creating this in the console I don’t think the webhooks showed up for my teammates device.

Nope, that’s what the provided link should have told you.

To achieve that, you’d need to create a “product” in, add your team members to your account and use product webhooks - as said before

Alternatively you can have a shared Particle account (team account) and have all your devices owned by that account.