[webhooks] what does mydevices option mean?

I see from the docs that the mydevices option in the webhook json

will optionally filter to only events coming from devices owned by you

I don’t understand this… is the webhook namespace global? If I make a webhook called “wat_”, does that mean anyone could publish “wat_whatever” and have it fire my webhook if I sent mydevices:false?


When publishing an event, there is an optional parameter to define whether the event should be public or private (default public). In order to keep the event private:

Particle.publish("myEvent", someData, PRIVATE);

When subscribing to an event, or creating a webhook, you can choose whether you want to listen to any device publicly publishing the “myEvent” event, or only your own devices.

@Derek Thanks for the quick response.

So basically there’s a global stream of events, and servers can filter events so that it only receives events from devices on the same account the webhook was declared on (by using mydevices:true), and Particle devices can specify PRIVATE to make sure that no one else with the same event name prefix filter will get those messages?

What’s the use case for creating a webhook with mydevices:false? Seems like it’d be super risky unless you’re really trying to offer a service to the public.