Revisiting web hook integration - the test button (solved)

I had a simplified version of this working early in January thanks to ScruffR. Now trying a more complete operation

My web hook has 2 parameters:


  "number": "{{{PARTICLE_EVENT_VALUE}}}",
  "coreid": "{{{PARTICLE_DEVICE_ID}}}"

number gets the data posted from the electron. Coreid is 24 digits of gibberish identifying my electron.

The web page does what I expect it to do when I start it from a browser, but I never see it from the particle. When I hit the test button in the console, it says “Bummer.”

What does the test button send as the parameters?

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It seems that I was not executing the code I was editing.

In answer to my question, the test button puts “test-event” in for the parameter “number” and “api” for the coreid.

I proposed this to actually make the TEST button more useful

I was trying to adapt the test aspx page to a production demo, but somehow I wasn’t uploading it to the right spot. I could make it work on my local machine, but never from the webhook. I made it to carefully check all the parameters and even record the parameters it did not understand but nothing would work.

Composed the question, “What the heck is this thing sending?” Then took a walk. Got back, tried the page on the server from a browser, “Hey, doesn’t it say, ‘why are you here?’” Then discovered I hadn’t been uploading what I’ve been editing all day.

Yesterday was NOT Monday, was it?

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I would vote for a little web form to type in the parameters.

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