How to best test API / Webhook Query Parameters?

Hi folks,

I’ve set up a webhook to do a GET request from The “Test” button in says successful, but doesn’t show me the return value (could be 7 days of data when I just want rainfall on one day). I can of course make the same call from a web browser, but not with the added JSON parameters (don’t know how), so I get everything.

What are some methods to test the results of a GET request built through the webhook integration section of, including Query Parameters that refine the result? Capturing the return JSON in firmware and doing a Particle.publish() just to troubleshoot / refine is a bit laborious…


The test button merely sends a generic event.
I have proposed a somewhat more targeted test button with the ability to enter some payload for a useful test, but never heard anything back about this.

However, providing your webhook accepts (at least temporarily) events from all your devices you can use

to emit an event from console
or use CLI to send events (partcle publish)


I’ll mess with that, thanks @ScruffR. I agree that a more targeted test button would help with the crafting of API calls / webhooks.

I may also write a simple test for the device that makes the call and prints + publishes the return values, separate from other functionality.

Follow-up: This worked great, thank you.