Bugs in Console re webhooks creation/editing

Newb here so please forgive me if this is common knowledge.

I am trying to use the console to create a Webhook. I log in, select the Integrations tab and click on “Webhook”.

Sometimes it takes me to the “Webhook Builder” and sometimes it takes me to “Custom JSON” view. Bug #1.
If I use the Webhook Builder to create a simple Webhook (Event Name, URL, Tick “No” to Include Default Data and “Yes” to Enforce SSL. I see a “Create Webhook” button enabled. Click it. it saves and I see “Your integration was created successfully!” So far so good (kinda).
Now click the “Edit” button. It opens a new view and I see what I entered. Now click on “Custom JSON” thinking you will see a JSON representation of your simple webhook. Nope. It shows

    "event": "",
    "url": "",
    "requestType": "POST",
    "deviceID": "",
    "mydevices": true

At this point the user is quite rightly confused. Is this my data (no)? Is it still in the Webhook somewhere? So feature request #1 is to make it render the existing Webhook in JSON.

Bug #2 there is a “Create Webhook” button enabled at the bottom of the form. I thought I was editing my Webhook?

If you now enter some JSON into the Custom JSON and click “Create Webhook” you will create a new Webhook even though you think you are editing your existing one. it will let you create the same Webhook (with the same name) repeatedly…

Is there somewhere to write up these bugs properly (OS, browser, exact steps to repro, etc)? Can I fork the project, fix this stuff and do a PR?




This is where you can file issues for the console

Hello, @kenteroo

Late to the party as I was out of the office for the last week.

Thanks for the feedback, I will have a look at it in a short time.

Also, thanks @kennethlimcp for making me aware of this.