Can't compile 0.9.0 for Argon/Xenon

This should be so simple…
I’m running 1.39 of Particle CLI
Just reinstalled Particle workbench
Configure my workspace for 0.9.0
Clean App and Device OS

When I go to recompile, I get an error:
…/third_party/nrf5_sdk/nrf5_sdk/modules/nrfx/mdk/nrf52840.h:152:130: fatal error: core_cm4.h: No such file or directory, but it works fine with 0.8.0-rc27.

What could I possibly have done wrong with such a simple set of steps??

I was able to successfully compile and flash my devices to 0.8.0-RC27, but I can’t get Workbench (using Visual Code) to compile anything under 0.9.0. I reconfigure the workspace, I clean App and OS, I rebuild, and immediately am hit with “…/third_party/nrf5_sdk/nrf5_sdk/modules/nrfx/mdk/nrf52840.h:152:130: fatal error: core_cm4.h: No such file or directory”

Any idea why I can’t compile 0.9.0??

What does VS Code show in the status bar?
You can try uninstalling and reinstalling the local compiler.

(I moved your double post for that question over here to keep the discussion in one place)

I have uninstalled Visual Studio Code, then reinstalled. No change.
I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled Workbench extension. No change.
I’ve done Particle’s update-cli. No Change (1.39.0)

Worth noting, when I do a compile through CLI, it seems to work fine…

Here’s the status bar:

I actually meant these Ctrl+Shift+P commands


You could also try to reconfigure your workspace via Ctrl+Shift+P

By selecting a Gen2 device (e.g. Photon) and then switch back to your desired platform.

If that doesn’t help you can run Ctrl+Shift+P
and post the non-confidential portion for @m_m to have a look at

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You rock, ScruffR! Uninstall/reinstall resolved it. Something must have gone bad with the install of 0.9.0

Honestly, I didn’t even know those commands existed, so now you’d taught me to fish as well!

Thanks again!


sorry for the bumps. glad you got it sorted. fwiw, we’ve recently added docs over here:

you can also run the Particle: Get Help command within Workbench and click the link(s) it provides.