Flashing Argon with Blink example puts device into safe mode

I’ve just come across a weird issue where flashing the basic Blink example to my Argon puts it in the magenta led “safe mode” after connecting to the cloud. I’m not having this issue with my Xenons, and I’m able to flash exactly the same code via the Web IDE without issues.

I’ve selected Argon as the Active Particle Platform and I’m using 0.9.0
The Argon is visible in the web console and seems fine otherwise.

Any ideas as to what could be wrong? I’ve been mainly working with my Xenons lately, and haven’t had any issue with them. This is the first time in a while I’ve tried to flash the Argon, although it has worked fine in the past.

Can you run particle binary inspect on the binary you try to flash to the Argon?

When you say it works with Web IDE I assume the non-working version comes from Particle Workbench, right? Would be good to actually tell how you built the non-working version.

If it in fact is WB then you should first check the status bar for consistency of selected options
This is OK
this isn’t

Next run

And build and check particle binary inspect again

Thanks. Yes I’m using the Particle Workbench. Cleaning the project seems to have fixed this, thanks!
Do you know if I need to clean the project every time I switch target, i.e. from Xenon to Argon?

For the time being I fear so, but I’ve already tagged @m_m about this issue some time ago and I hope they will find a solution.

ah, yeah. cleaning :grimacing: :expressionless: when in doubt, do it :+1:

currently, we’ll warn you of a “dirty” state w/ an option to clean when you first open your project - for example:


short-term, one possible option is to also detect and warn on “dirty” state when you change your project settings - would that be helpful or just annoying?

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I’d think it would help short term, but when switching contexts frequently it will get annoying and a separation of (intermediate) build results per platform would be good (if at all possible).