Argon - Wont flash - Console says device good - IDE claims device in safe mode

Currently my Argon is not well. I followed suggested steps to use CLI to reload the current firmware.

The web based console says device passes all diagnostics.

Web IDE says device is in safe mode. Attempts to flash tinker. Says flash successful...but the Argon never does any signs of actually receiving the new code or self rebooting.

Before reloading all of the firmware...the device was stuck in DFU mode.

Any ideas on how to get this to load OTA would be great.

Previous steps followed were from this forum post:

What does the RGB LED do?
What do you get with particle serial inspect (in Listening Mode)?

Currently Breathing Cyan.

particle serial inspect
Platform: 12
Bootloader module #0 - version 215, main location, 49152 bytes max size
Integrity: PASS
Address Range: PASS
Platform: PASS
Dependencies: PASS
System module #1 - version 326, main location, 671744 bytes max size
Integrity: PASS
Address Range: PASS
Platform: PASS
Dependencies: PASS
Bootloader module #0 - version 101
undefined module #0 - version 0
User module #1 - version 5, main location, 131072 bytes max size
Integrity: PASS
Address Range: PASS
Platform: PASS
Dependencies: PASS
System module #1 - version 326
undefined module #0 - version 0
empty - factory location, 131072 bytes max size
empty - main location, 1536000 bytes max size

Following a suggestion:
Can you try putting it in safe mode and reflashing tinker from the web IDE. Hold down both buttons, release RESET and release SETUP once it starts flashing magenta. Then flash TInker and LMK how it goes.

I observed:
Powered off.
Powered on.
Entered safe mode as described.
Loaded tinker in Web IDE
Selected the Argon, checked that it is set to R27.
Flashed to Argon, At least the Web IDE claims to have successfully flashed.
Argon still showing safe mode via LED.
Argon never self reboots.

If power cycled it Takes a very long time on glean blinking LED (slow then fast), changes to fast cyan led for a very long time, occasionally the charge led blinks yellow. Finally settles in to breathing cyan LED.

Fails to appear in IOS app as online or with tinker installed.

20 minutes later Argon is showing a fast flashing green LED

This sounds very confusing, you may want to file a support ticket at
Make sure to reference this thread in the ticket.

I am having same issue. I can open new thread if desired.

Had issue first with a Xenon, now with an Argon as well.
Argon is breathing cyan.
When using Web IDE, flash says successful, but no response from Argon, it continually breaths cyan throughout flash.
When using the phone App ‘signal device’ or ‘ping’, no response or action.
All other Xenon’s flash green because Argon is not functioning correctly?
I attempt to load ‘Blink a LED’ but I don’t get blinking LEDs

This is my first week of using particle products since the spark face lift.
So far, not impressed. I hope its user error or my lack of understanding…

Have you tried running particle doctor on the device?
particle doctor in CLI.
This looks like an issue with your keys.

*ignore this, keeping for context.

particle device doctor does not yet work with Gen 3 devices. Also, I would expect to see some red/orange flashes if there are bad keys.

You can do particle keys doctor <device id> and particle keys server if you want; it won’t hurt anything.

:man_facepalming: Oops, I keep forgetting it’s Gen2 only, such a nice tool. Error reporting is being updated to reflect it does not work - think it was released yesterday.

So to be clear, this is an issue when sending an OTA - Web IDE is happy, but device does not accept the new firmware?

Hi Thorpydo, can you please open a ticket with more specifics (Device ID etc.) so I can pull the logs?