Workbench local --- Argon --- VS studio 1.72.2 --- Windows 10 --- code loads but doesn't run properly

I am working on a project that I had to dust off from a few months ago…As particle has been new to me I am just getting my feet back into it. I have code and a PCB that work. I am looking into a potential issue. To do so I change the values of some #defines, recompile and re-flash…The console suggests all went well and I do see the board flashing the appropriate color LED thru the process. However after I flash it I notice that the changes to the #defines never seem to take as the sequence of events on the board still take the original times that were flashed. What am I missing here??

Ctrl-Shift-P : Compile Application for Debug (local)
Ctrl-Shift-P : Flash Application for Debug (local)

Thank you

I would check if all the files you modified as SAVED to disk.
On linux/mac the command above saves modified files, but on windows I can't tell. Mind checking that?

Can you run a global search for those defines? Maybe they are also declared somewhere else? Not sure if this is even possible/"compilable".


Files were saved…

Not understanding the platform completely is it possible that if I don’t pick the correct “Configure Project for Device” that it would possibly use the incorrect OS??

I typically picked this first and it was Argon 2.3.0…If I weren’t to select this would you expect it to go thru the sequence of compiling, flashing and not updating as expected?

If you select the wrong device type (or don’t select one), Workbench will still compile the source. However, the code won’t run on the device because the device will detect that it was built for the wrong platform, and the old code will run instead.

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