Argon user code and cloud connection

Finally, I managed to flash my code locally, through USB, using the Particle Workbench.
I had to put the Argon in DFU manually. I also did the latest update of the Visual Studio Code.
My problem now is that my mini-program (just to blink 3 LEDs connected at A0, A1, A2) is not launched until the Argon is connected to the cloud.
E.g. if the Argon is powered down and powered up again with the Wi-Fi of my modem-router disabled, the program doesn’t run. When the Wi-Fi is again enabled and the Argon is connected to the cloud the program starts to run OK. After that, the program runs continuously yet with the Wi-Fi disabled (and so Argon disconnected from the cloud) and the USB also disconnected. To not confuse you, the Argon module is powered continuously from the application board.
I also noticed that the flash of code is some slow, although is very small it takes 4-5 sec to be compiled.
Thanks for any explanation.

That is the normal behaviour with (default) SYSTEM_MODE(AUTOMATIC).
You’ll find many discussions about remedies for that when you search for “run without wifi” or “run without cloud” :wink:

Thanks a lot.
Now, having a working debugger, I can proceed in my code development.
Have a nice weekend and take care from covid19.

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Hi again!
From the “Welcome to Particle Workbench” screen I can’t compile or flash my code to Argon.
From the project “xxxx.ino” editor I can do both.
When I try the debugger, it flashes the code successfully but the Visual Studio Code after a while returns a fail message:

Failed to launch OpenOCD GDB Server: Timeout.

Thanks for any help

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