Cannot access Particle Console

When I go to my Particle Console, within a product, and click on the firmware link on the left navigation bar I get an error “There was a problem accessing your product. Please try again later.” Is there any known issues around this?

I tried logging out and logging back in now I’m just getting an error when logging in:

“Error: There is no route named index”

Sounds like a web server issue…

Hi Kevin, I just went in in one of my products firmware settings, as well as a couple of products shared with me and I did not observe the problem you report.
I’m using Chrome for what is worth.
Hope your issue goes away soon.

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Yeah you are right, I have two products and I can only access one. Something must be borked with my account. Hopefully someone from Particle can support me.

We can tag @marekparticle, maybe he can help.

Hi @incorvia - please open a support ticket so we can dive in deeper! Thanks.

I can’t find your account using the forum email address. Please open a ticket so we can assist.

Hi @no1089 thanks for offering to assist. I would love to open a support ticket but I’m stuck in a loop. If I try and create an account in the support center it tells me I already have an account and I should just sign in. If I try and sign in it tells me that my password is incorrect but I can reset it, and if I try and reset it with the same email I never receive an email that would be used for resetting it… Perhaps someone can PM me and they can help be both reset my support system password and help with this issue of not being able to access my firmware in Particle Console?

You can head to where you don’t need to sign in. There is currently a bug with the account system of the support page.

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