BuildIDE - Chrome and Library Bugs

Following some stirling back and forth between @Scruffr and myself over some nuanced issues in importing and using libraries I reached a point where I could re-import my library and the consider flashing the firmware. At which point I seem to have uncovered a BuildIDE issue which I wanted to highlight.

After merging the pullrequests from @scruffr I returned to my Build environment by opening Chrome and I no longer saw the correct Library but an older version. No amount of clearning cache ( in the build software or in chrome ) or swapping to another machine using chrome can unlink the pn532_i2c library or allow me to delete it.

Meanwhile on the same machine I can open Edge and login and see that the library I was expecting is actually still in my Libraries list and that I can re-import it. Only I cant because it thinks the name is already in use; which it should be because I am re-importing it.

I have replicated this issue on my two Windows machines and on osX with chrome and Safari; screen shots here are after leaving it for a night to see if there was a background session sweep which might garbage collect a duff session and resolve my issue.

The correct library should be :

But I cant get the Cloud IDE environment to let me go forward at the moment.

Opps, that might be partly my fault :wink:
A possible reason might be this:
After you deleted your library, I became “owner” of your library name, since I had chosen to keep your name despite the warning :blush:
But since you now lost the right of name to me, you now get this warning.

Let me delete the library from my private lib list and see if things clear up for you again.


Done, now you can try again.

If you see an old verison of your library, click on the (i) icon next to the lib name to see if there are other version available.
Since I see in your screenshot a usage count of 1 next to PN532_I2C that might also be contributing to your trouble.
Remove all sketches that make use of that library (or remove the lib from the project) and make sure the usage count is down to 0 before deleting the lib.

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Yes that worked; thanks for the asisst on both counts.

When I went back into chrome and then told the Build IDE to clear the cache ( as per its settings option ) it picked up the new library and let me reimport and get to and verify that. At which point my phone goes and I have to go off to see a client about a PC. I’ll be back

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