Bricked core? Green flashing after power problem (solved)


My battery powered, solar loaded weatherstation has run out of power two days ago. Now I have the problem that I am not able to bring back the core to the cloud. It always blinking green, no mather what I do.
This things I have tried so far:

  • factory reset (many times), the core responses then to the app as well over USB to set WLAN credentials, but does not connect after then.
  • cleaning memory
  • programming timber over USB successfully
  • patching with cc3000-patch-programmer.bin successfully

Its a core with UL connector. Antenna is attached.

I believe that a brown out condition during power loss has killed some setting somewhere.
A new core with UL connector was up and running within minutes using the same environment.

Any ideas?


The fact that the Core is able to talk to the phone app and get the WiFi credentials, suggests that the hardware is working fine. May I suggest using the Spark CLI to update the patch on the Core using the following commands:

spark flash --usb cc3000
spark flash --usb tinker

You could also try using a different antenna and a power supply.

Please let us know if this helps!

Mohit @ Spark


Hi Mohit,

Ok, I installed Spark CLI.

C:\>spark cloud list
Checking with the cloud...
Retrieving cores... (this might take a few seconds)
BEEBASE (48ff6e0....91287) is offline
test (48ff6e06......025241387) is offline
weatherstation (54ff67066....512367) is offline
BEEcore (54ff700666.....181367) is online 

BEEBASE ist the broken core.

If i run these commands:

spark flash --usb cc3000
spark flash --usb tinker

Which core is touched?
BEEcore is the new one I programmed today as replacement.

The update process will happen over USB as mentioned in the command, so the one connected to you computer will get updated!

Sorry, it was a bit too late that day.
So I tried as you described …

YES! its live again.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.