Breakdown of data operations

Is it possible to find a breakdown of your data operations used? I can see the total number under my account and I’m using more than I thought I would be. A breakdown per device would be useful to keep an eye on things.

Also, is a data operation just one of the Particle functions in the API. If I sent data direct to my IoT logging server over wifi, would that count?

There is currently no breakdown by specific type of data operation.

Wi-Fi using TCP or UDP does not count as a data operation and you can use as much of that as you want with no limitation.

TCP or UDP over cellular is not a data operation, but it does count against your cellular data limit, and the limit is the lesser of the data operations and the cellular data limit on the free plan.

Cheers, I’m not using cellular so I’m ok there.

I do think a breakdown would be a useful feature. At the very least the number of data operations per device.

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