Particle console data usage

Is there a way to see what the data usage per device is in the console or in the generated report? I can see the total data usage, and generating a report gives me the data operations per device, but not the actual data usage per device.

The reports only list data operations per device; it’s not possible to get the cellular data usage per SIM using the data usage reporting tool.

The actual cellular data usage may be delayed by one or more days, possibly even a week, because of the delays in reporting by cellular carriers and our SIM provider.

If you have a device that you think is using data but not data operations, such as because it’s having trouble handshaking with the cloud, you can create a support ticket with the Device ID that you suspect is malfunctioning.

It’s not anything to do with a malfunctioning device, we’re trying to get an accurate picture of cell data usage per device for a product.

Can’t you use this tool to get SIM usage by device by day?

It seems I can plot daily MB usage by SIM and all the raw data is in a JSON you can download.

Looks like it has several options as well:

It seems to be counting today’s data usage as well for me/this one example device (5/17/2022) but maybe there is a lag for some devices/types of SIMs?

@Mjones - Is this what you are looking for?


This should work, I didn’t look through the docs for something like this. Lesson learned. Thanks @jgskarda

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Um, yes, that tool would work. I forgot that existed. And I wrote it.


So many things going on, I’m sure you guys have forgotten more than most of us will ever know. This will do what we’re looking for.


:+1: Haha. It’s out there and like all of your content @rickkas7 it can be very useful! I’m now looking more at the data operations report than the MB report but still is very handy.


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