Particle Console Data Usage?

Hi All,

Wasn’t sure where to ask this, so went with General…

I’ve just noticed my data usage is showing as 0.49MB after 1 day of the monthly payment coming out, even though my Electron has no Publish events etc all it’s doing is counting since last reset (and there has been NO resets as yet).

I did refresh the Last Vitals in the Particle Console before checking Data Usage but, 0.49MB seems a lot if this feature counts towards your data usage.

Any ideas?

@Alph Did you try searching for cellular data usage? I think you’ll find answers in the posts on various threads. I remember @rickkas7 explaining the data usage in one thread but I can’t put my hand on it right now.

I did but nothing specifically jumped out and answered my question…

If you could tell us what is happening on the device (rather than what not) we may be able to advise better.
Showing the running code would be a start.

How and how often have you flashed your application to the device?

Here’s the code below…

void setup() {


void loop() {


I realise I’m using which is updated from Particle’s NTP server but, I thought it was only updated when the Electron connects to the Particle Cloud?

I’ve not flashed any code since my subscription rolled over and renewed, Particle Console says “0.49 MB used since Jul 3rd”

My Electrons uptime is 2.92 Days

Could it be when I refreshed Last Vitals in the Particle Console, the Electron then sync with the NTP Server? 0.49MB still seems a lot though :-/