Cellular Data Usage Tool for more than a Month

Hi Community,

Is particle able to obtain cellular data usages of SIMs for more than a month? I am aware of the Cellular Data Usage tool in the docs (Cellular data usage | Troubleshooting | Particle) but this is currently capped to a maximum of 8 days.

Hi hutchsubs, I would recommend using our Service Agreements and Usage APIs to query for your usage data.

You’ll need to issue two API calls:

  1. Create a report
  2. Request the report

You may need to poll the request API multiple times, as the report takes time to generate.

Note there are separate API calls for either a User or an Organization — which one you use will depend on whether your device is in your Sandbox, or if it is claimed to a Growth/Enterprise organization.


Nice thanks Dan!

Sure thing. May I ask why you are interested in data usage vs. tracking Data Operations?

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We decided to track data usage as we noticed low monthly data operations but high cellular data. We determined the source to be from a 10-device fleet in a low cellular coverage area, where the reconnection attempts (handshakes and cloud posts) were burning through the allocated 100MB. We have edited some devices to publish with NO_ACK and decreased the cloud post frequency to see if this can help with the problem.

Appreciate the feedback. I will pass this along to our Product team.

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