Cloud API - get data operations for account or ideally for device


I have a project that I am working on and the customer would like me to present him not only the MBs used, but also the data operations consumed.

Is there any way to pull this from the API? I found the data_usage and can get the MBs, but as his solution will most likely max out on the operations, I need that information too.

I have found a function to generate a report, but that is not very practical.

Any advice? Or maybe a possible update to the Cloud API that would add the functionality?

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I found out I can get the account total from the service agreements section in the API, however I can't find the amount of transactions based on device. Anyone?

The report is the only way to get the number of data operations per-device.

You can automate the process of requesting a report and downloading it via HTTP; you don't need to access the email in order to download, however.

Hi, thanks for your answer. I just got it to work via the reports. Thanks.

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