How/when is Data Operations measured?

For the last couple of hours I have been trying to reduce the Data Operations of my Photon application, but I cannot see if that reduction was successfull: the (accumulated-) usage as displayed in the Particle Console doesn’t show any change as compared to yesterday…
Is the Data Operations figure only updated once per day or so???
If so, at what time of the day will these fugures be udated?
Or there another way to find out what the actual usage is

I can’t answer your initial question on specifically when it’s updated… but within the console, I strictly look at this to get an idea of what my data operations are right now or if I made progress against it in the last hour when making changes. Although it might not match data operations exactly, my understanding is data operations would be roughly the sum of “Integration traffic” + “Cloud Function Calls” + “Cloud Variable Requests”. I think event traffic is roughly the sum of the 3. You can filter this by each device group or device firmware so fairly easy to pin point where it’s coming from and if/when a change you made is making progress against reducing data operations for say a development device. You may need to add the device to a group first but I think that would work well.

That was my approach at least when I was attempting to reduce my own data operations:

Thanks for your reply, however:
You state: “… to get an idea of what my data operations are right now or if I made progress against it in the last hour when making changes”
That is exactly what I was trying to do, but the changes that I made almost 24 hours ago (!) - and of which I was sure that it would substantially increase the data operations in my testcase), did not show up in the console until now: 24 hours later…
If that is typical for Data Operations reporting in the consle, it is hardly possible to assess if you made any progress in decreasing the Data Operations at all.
That’s why I was asking about the “dynamics of the Data Operations measurement”.

@Jan_dM Where are you looking in the console? Per the screen shot I shared, if you select “the last hour” then you get to see what the integration traffic, cloud function calls and cloud variable requests down to the minute. Are you looking under the Fleet-Health page or somewhere else. Can you share a screen shot of what page you are looking at?

As you can see in this screen shot, I can see this information down to the minute and it’s maybe 1-2 minutes old. This is real time enough for most things I’m doing.

Thanks for your quick response!
I really do not see the kind of screenshots that you have send me. This is exactly the kind of detail I was looking for, but I cannot find it. I would be grateful if you could describe exactly how I can get there??
The screenshot of the console that I get when -starting from the “bargraph-like icon” on the left part of the WebIDE and subsequenty clicking the “Billing and Usage” tab, shows this:

@Jan_dM - Oh…that makes sense now why the confusion. I didn’t realize that screen shot I shared/fleet health was only for products and maybe you don’t have a product configured yet. I have all my devices under a product so I just always go there first and forgot what the console is like when you don’t have a product.

I’d suggest you take the time to create a product and then add the devices to the product. If I recall it’s pretty easy but it’s been quite awhile sine I did it originally. You’ll need to copy/recreate your integrations to your product page and I think you also need to add 1-2 lines of code to your device application code. Device OS API | Reference Documentation | Particle

Here’s the overall guide: Creating a Product | Tutorials | Particle

Hope that helps… early on I too was a bit reluctant to take on the steps to create a product but very glad I did. The fleet health page is my primary go to page now within the Particle Console.

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