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In free plan Particle give 100K operations and each operation is 622 bytes. I have a Boron device. How to calculate how many operations will it take to update the entire code via cloud. My generated bin file in visual studio code is 45 kb so 45Kb / 622 approx. 73 operations. I am right or will there be other overhead etc.

Although its rare event to update code but just in case if there is major change or security issue. I just want to calculate it.


OTA firmware updates do not count as data operations. However they count against the 45MB monthly cellular data limit.

BTW, starting with device OS 3.x on Gen3 devices the maximum payload for data operations like Particle.publish() will be 1024 byte and 864 bytes for Gen2 devices (Photon, P0, P1, Electron, …)

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Just to clarify, in case I misinterpreted your post, it’s 100MB/mo limit for the Free Plan: Cellular Data Guide | Tutorials | Particle.

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Thanks for the link. I was reading this link Pricing FAQ – Particle Support. I didn’t look at the 100MB question.

Oops, I must have missed/overlooked the increased quota.
IIRC 45MB was the proposed limit directly after the announcement of the new pricing scheme at Spectra, right?

OTA firmware updates does that includes my code too ? or just the operating system from particle?

Yes it does. Your code produces the application firmware
Without your firmware the data operations would most likely not constitute any useful data for your use case. But that it the intent of this new pricing scheme: Only actually useful data for your use case should be counted/billed.

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Oh great, I am cheered. I thought updating my code via cloud will be included. Thank you very much.

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I believe that’s correct. The current limit is 100MB/mo.

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