Sandbox data operations

I’m a student and I received an email notifying that I’ve used my sandbox data operations up to 94% (currently 100%) I would like to know if there is a way to free space or something alike.

I don’t know why the data operations is already to the limit, I need to do more projects for the school and next period of particle starts until November 2.

Here is a link to info about possible data operations you are consuming:


Welcome to our forum! I understand you’re encountering some high usages and this can be many different reasons. Unfortunately, the data operations doesn’t have a way to “free” up data as this is calculation of the operations performed, it’s not a storage issue.

I recommend you take a look at this article: as it can help you understand some of your Data usage. It may also be useful to visit: Cellular Data Guide | Tutorials | Particle to understand more about Data operations in general.

If you’d like to see your Cellular data usage at any time in the future, you can visit: Cellular data usage | Tools | Particle and some useful information about cellular limits: Cellular Data Guide | Tutorials | Particle.

Hey, if the school projects cannot wait, maybe you can create yourself a second temporary Particle account, transfer the device(s) you need there, and do the project(s) on time.

Still, you need to find out which of your devices are using all your data operations so you reduce the logging or something.
You can check this perhaps by checking the and observing what comes up.

Good luck!

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