Historical Data Operation Usage

I would like a report on my historical data operation usage, by month. I see how to get the current month-in-progress usage data.

I’d want to answer the question, “what was my account’s data operation usage in January, February, March, April, etc”. It seems that data operation billing months do not align with calendar months. I’d be happy to see a report, “This was your data operations usage for each of the last 6 billing periods.”

Hey JSchrempp - noted. Data operations billing months don’t align with calendar months - rather they align right now with when your Sandbox started. We’re thinking through this report, but it’s not available yet.
Could you provide details, as an aside of as to what you’re looking to use the data for specifically?


My need is pretty pedestrian. One of our web hooks calls a service that also charges us for usage. In the current situation they claim that several months ago we used about 5x our normal monthly rate and we don’t think so. If I had data from Particle Cloud I could use that to push back on their charge.


If you have a need for this information, please submit a support ticket and someone will get back to you shortly.

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