Boron404X SIM/Account

We purchased this kit:

I have a Particle cloud account. I connect the device via USB and go to the page to register the device. After a while, a prompt appears asking for permission to connect the device (it's from the browser side if I understand). I do and after that nothing happens. The blue LED on the Boron board is blinking rapidly. I tried to check what the problem is by following the instructions on the website:

It turns out that the device cannot register to the 4G network. Is that correct?

Is this the reason why I can't register my device in the cloud? Or are these two unrelated problems?

I see a free SIM slot on the device. Does the delivery have to include a SIM? Or is an e-sim being used?

@JynaeJones -Are you working through or something else:

After a while, a prompt appears asking

What do you mean by after awhile... seconds or minutes? It should go pretty quick to detect the device and almost immediately prompt you for permission to connect. What web browser are you using?

A little more info on the new setup process is also discussed here:

If you are still having an issue might be worth having @Colleen help out.


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