Boron unable to connect to the internet via cellular

It is frustrating to wait for a long time to setup boron for the first time.Is there any resolution to make the setup faster?

Can you PM me your Device ID? I can probably comment.

My device ID : ////////////edited out by marek

Hmmm, no SIM ICCID yet - can you grab the ICCID using the command from the above link?

Your ICCID is ////////////edited out by Marek

Your device should be able to come online.

Would you mind downloading and installing Boron Cloud Debug (link) on the device? Upon doing so, please send me about ~10 minutes or so of logs produced by the device while it’s having trouble connecting with the Cloud. The best way to produce these logs is with particle serial monitor --follow in CLI.

Please note the de-installation instructions contained within this link.

Flash success