Boron power loss during firmware update cannot factory reset

I was attempting to connect my particle boron to my account using the iOS app. It was in listening mode with the orange power LED showing and the dark blue flashing status LED. The mobile app was able to connect over BT and was installing the update when the power connector came loose for the boron and it shut off. Upon reconnecting power the status light stays off and all I see is the orange power led from the micro usb port. I have tried putting it into DFU mode, factory reset, safe boot, all seem to get no response. Is my boron bricked?

@programatt, sounds like the bootloader got damaged. You will need a Particle Debugger to flash the bootloader back onto the device via JTAG. Now you understand the warning about not removing power during the procedure!

Yeah I knew as soon as it happened that it was likely in a bad state. If I have a jLink can I use the jtag on that to do it or is it specific to the Particle Debugger?

@programatt, it should be possible but @rickkas7 may be the best person to provide the steps needed.

I think a jLink should work - see our JTAG programming instructions.

@marekparticle @rickkas7 Well I’ve attempted to use the jTag instructions with my jLink. But I think there’s still a critical issue that I can’t seem to put the device into DFU mode either. So when I run the openocd command I get Error: unable to find CMSIS-DAP device. Can the Particle Debugger still flash it even if it won’t go into DFU mode? Wondering if I just bite the bullet and buy one since they’re cheaper than buying a new Boron.