Boron is blinking Red, not detected by windows and not entering into DFU mode to recover


Boron was powered by battery and when the battery died and I replaced it and on activating it just starts bilking red, it is not detected by particle cli and not entering into DFU mode by pressing reset and mode together then keep press mode button.

This is the my second Boron that it destroyed by low battery. It also happened a year ago.

On low battery just above 3V it keeps truing on off repeatedly, i don't know what Boron does on boot may be truing on off repeatedly the flash gets corrupt or something else.


Hi Jordan, and welcome to the community!

How about you try to put it in safe mode?




No, It does not work. I tried that and pressed this setup button for a minute after reset. Nothing happened. It blinks 10 red, then 3 slow, then 3 fast and then 2 slow and so on.

Unfortunately, if you can't get into DFU mode by buttons and the device is immediately going into SOS+10 (assertion failure) at boot, the only way to recover it is using a SWD/JTAG programmer.

Oh, okay i don't have SWD/JTAG programmer. I will save it and replace my current board with new one. May be on my next order i will order SWD/JTAG programmer.


Is there a way to prevent this in future, as one day the battery will die again and i may be able to replace it before it can damage another Boron.

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