Boron in infinite loop of Purple to Yellow (DFU) to listening

So we got it provisioned but could not get it programmed correctly. Then it started the infinite loop of purp, yel, blue listen, then SOS 8. So I did the evil deed of Unclaiming the device. Now it just seems bricked. I have downloaded CLI for my Win 7 but have no idea what to do. Any thoughts?

You can try this

  • make sure you got the antenna and the charged LiPo connected
  • put the device in DFU Mode
  • run CLI particle update tinker -v
  • put the device in Listening Mode
  • run CLI particle usb setup-done
  • put device in DFU Mode
  • run CLI particle flash --usb tinker -v
  • check whether device can now connect correctly
  • it not, put device in Listening Mode and run particle serial inspect and post the result here

BTW, SOS+8 (Out of Heap Memory) is an odd error for a fresh device. Are you sure you never flashed your own code to it?

I attempted to put it in DFU mode and it keeps going past DFU. No way to stop it. I held RESET and MODE and released RESET when flashing yellow. It goes to White quick flashing and then blue flashing (listening). So non-starter.

It’s got a bad mode button. Replicated same function on another working Boron by holding the mode button down at power-up.

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