Boron in perpetual DFU mode

I seem to have got my Boron into perpetual DFU mode. It’s possibly related to trying to learn how to use the JTAG debugger. I’m unable to flash anything to it, and a hard reset (hold mode, tap reset, continue holding mode for 10 secs) doesn’t change anything. Help please!

Thanks to Marek in Particle Support. This is his response, which worked for me:

A number of things could lead to a state of "perpetual DFU mode" - corrupted firmware, improperly configured device OS, etc... Let's return your device to a known state!

I'm assuming you've already installed CLI, but on the off chance you haven't you can find the necessary installation instructions here.

Once you have CLI, we'll re-flash the Device OS and Tinker.

Please download from here (link) and unzip its contents into a known, accessible directory.

Open up your Terminal and navigate to this directory using cd .

Run the following two commands: particle flash --usb boron-system-part1@1.1.0.bin and particle flash --usb boron-tinker@1.1.0.bin .

Once you've done so, the device should escape DFU mode!