Boron listening mode problem

The boron is stuck in listening mode even if I particle usb setup-done or particle usb stop-listening and when I try to put in dfu mode , it continues to white blinking and go back to listening mode. So I can flash anything neither enter in safe mode. Any idea ?

Could it be that you had it setup to use a 3rd party SIM and now removed the SIM?
What device OS version are you running?
Could it be that the MODE button or MD pin are held low for any reason?

You can flash new firmware in Listening Mode too.
Just use particle flash --serial ...

Well, it’s now repaired and I have no idea why, but I used repeatedly “stop-listening” and “setup-done”.
I use a 3rd party SIM but never removed it and I am running on the last version even if when I connect to Particle, It says that my device OS version is in 1.5.2.
Also, my device went to listening mode when I tried to get my “Last Vitals” and from that moment to now, I had lost the control of the mode on my Boron.

In that case you may want to re-seat the SIM. It is possible that the contact gets bad over time due to change in temperature and humidity. “Excessive” heat may even cause the plastic of the SIM to slightly warp an hence impair the physical contact.

Okay thanks !

Try this :slight_smile: (almost on the end of the page) it’s always woks for me :+1:

I just found out the device can also get stuck if you don’t match the device firmware with the target compiled firmware.
I was trying to go from 1.5.2 to 2.0 and it was stuck in listen for a while till i did ‘Particle Update’

Edit: Numbers

Not sure what version you refer to when you say this

However, application firmware targeted a version less or equal to the installed device OS should run fine. Just a higher version target requires a device OS upgrad (which would automatically be done when the device connects to the cloud after flashing such an application)

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