Boron LTE stops connecting to the network for 5 min at a time


I’m seeing a issue with my Particle Boron’s. They are randomly disconnecting from the cloud/network for 5 mins. To see if ti was cloud related I uploaded a basic example code “web-connected LED” with a keep alive of (30). It will run for 30 min and the disconnect for 5, run for another 7 then disconnect for 5 maybe run for an hour then disconnect for 5…

I’m using an external sim as I need SMS support. I have been reading the AT commands for the Sara-R4 but I am not having too much luck. Has anyone experienced this issue?

I should also note, that this is not cell signal related as the cell signal remains constant and healthy.


Further, I have adjusted the code to turn on the LED at the start of the loop and then turn it off at the end of the loop just to check the code was not getting hung up anywhere for too long causing a 5 min blockage. During that 5 min the light continues to flash further confirming that it is not code related. Any ideas why it would disconnect from the network for those random 5 min?

@rickkas7 any ideas at all what would be causing the 5 minute disconnect?