Boron - drops out searching for network

why does my boron lose connectivity ??.

Some more information definitely wouldn’t hurt.
What Boron?
What location?
What SIM?
What’s it doing?

Aaaand: What code is running on that device?

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Sorry, new to Particle, I have just 1 no Boron running the demo “LED” code and it started green blinking fast indicating loss of network. I powered down and reset and it came back up. The problem I have is WHY ?? because if I roll this out I cant afford for any to lose connectivity.

There are “many” potential reasons for which we’d need more context:

  • cell provider issue
  • blocking code
  • lose antenna
  • lots of radio noise
  • bad location

OK thanks, I will carry on testing.

Hi Richard,

I wanted to chime in and confirm the statements made by both Moors7 and ScruffR. All of the information will be necessary in order to properly debug.

In addition, do ensure your Boron is also running on the latest version of Device OS. Older versions of device OS may have bugs that can cause difficulty with connectivity in certain edge cases.