What is the status of Boron LTE issues?


We haven’t heard from Particle recently about the status of unstable connectivity issues using Boron LTE.

Any update from Particle?



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Is there a list of known issues?

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Hi @pmjackson, please refer to Boron LTE Stuck Flashing Green for an update.

In short, some new information was discovered. One issue has been identified and will be released in the next release candidate for testing and feedback. Other potential issues continue to be investigated.

As our next device OS release candidate is available, we will be creating a new topic to detail known issues and testing procedures in order to provide feedback.

Thank you for the information.
I really want Boron LTE to be a go for Commercial productions.

Hey Pat, we are together on that one!
Also I’m pretty sure that’s what many around here want, and why not, the ultimate goal of Particle :particle:

Would you guys install the Boron LTE or Argon development board in a commercial product?

Both once we can have redundant (>=1) gateways in a “network”. We struggle with connectivity and look for ways to include Ethernet connections where possible but wired solutions don’t fit many/most use cases for our IoT applications.

More than one gateway would likely improve our trial performance with Particle.io.


For my use case, I require cellular connection. So Boron LTE for me.