Boron LTE Flashing Green for 2 days

We recently had an issue where a customer’s Boron LTE unit suddenly stopped posting data. It had been working fine for months up to that point without exhibiting this issue. Battery was well charged (>4v). The unit collects data, posts to the cloud and then sleeps on a 30min cycle. They have 2 other units deployed in other locations and those have been working fine. They are all running DeviceOS 1.5.0.

It took us about 2 days to get out onsite to investigate and found that the unit was in a flashing green state. We believe it was likely in that state for the entire 2 days. A press of the reset button on the Boron and the unit immediately come up, collected its data, connected to the cloud, posted its data and went back to sleep.

Is there a DeviceOS timeout that can be set to keep it from hanging in the flashing green state forever? In the setup() function, I am making use of - Cellular.setListenTimeout(120); - which I thought would prevent this but perhaps it has another purpose and I have misunderstood.


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Particle needs to attend to this. I believe there are legitimate, ongoing issues with Boron reconnect. This seems similar to my recent threads: