Boron 1.5.2 long reconnect interval issues

If you search my history, you will find that at another time it occurred that a decisively software-only issue with a Particle Device OS update caused me extreme trouble with my Borons (relating to PMIC charging).

Now, with 1.5.2, I am witnessing a semi-return of the “never reconnects” “flashes green ad-infinitum” software issue that rendered the Boron totally useless until 1.3.1-rc1.

I have a Boron just updated to 1.5.2 that whenever I flash, it never reconnects. I must do a manual power cycle. It is different from the old issue, because during program execution, if it loses the cell signal, it will reconnect eventually (however even this works incredibly unsatisfactorily, sometimes taking long intervals of time to reconnect when brought back into areas of perfect signal where the connection by power cycle would be established in mere 20 seconds).

This is confined to flashing an update, and then subsequent reconnect.

I understand it’s my responsibility to post my code. But before I become an unpaid Particle debugger by flashing an empty program, testing, flashing the old OS, testing my current code, and then testing a blank program (the logically proper control tests), can I ask if anyone else is experiencing this?

The Boron will be such a great product once it works reliably. In the meantime, it is extremely frustrating to see the potential utility of the product plagued by issues like this.

Thank you.

This is the first time I’ve heard of this.
Is this an OTA update or via USB?

Honestly, the best way to help you is if you create a support ticket. We’ll need to see what the device is doing on the backend, and therefore need the DeviceID/signal levels etc.
Without logs we are blind.

Thank you, I appreciate this. Perhaps I used the wrong terminology when I said “flash”. I am referring to use the Web IDE to deploy code changes over the internet to my Boron. I’ve never compiled C code and somehow USB programmed a Boron like Arduino.

I am lacking motivation and time, but if downgrading the Device OS doesn’t fix this I will post more details. I have great feedback about how excellent Particle support is. Respectfully though I am not a beta tester and would love to have a more stable product. But I am sticking with Particle for as much as I can.

There are many reasons for a device to misbehave, but as I said earlier, we would love to assist, but we need to see what the device is doing to narrow down the cause.

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Thank you. After about a half-hour, it finally reconnected after the new flash. Therefore I will amend the title of this thread. The issue is not never reconnecting after a flash; the issue is taking exorbitantly long to reconnect under circumstances where the cellular signal is so good that, with a power cycle in the same place and time, the connection would be established in less than 30 seconds.

I will see if I can collect more data and I invite others to comment on this.

Is there a way to control the aggressivity of reconnect attempts by Boron?

Can a low-level Particle firmware engineer please explain to me what is actually going-on under the hood with the modem when it loses connection and tries to reconnect?

Is there some sort of attempt interval?

Is it entirely controlled by the UBLOX firmware and not under the control of Particle?

Is there a way to use more power and bandwidth in order to restore the connection faster?

Again, 15 - 30 minutes being observed for a reconnect when and where a 1-second manual in-person power cycle would reboot Boron and connect to web within 30 seconds.

@Paul_M Just to add to Paul comments, been observing similar issues and it’s very frustrating. Any recommendation?

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Hi Paul,

I’ll answer what I can. Again, we need more information to properly debug this.

Is there a way to control the aggressivity of reconnect attempts by Boron?

Not without modifying DeviceOS, and this will create issues with our MVNO.

Is there some sort of attempt interval?

Roughly 10mins - again, to keep local towers from blacklisting your sim card.

Is it entirely controlled by the UBLOX firmware and not under the control of Particle?

As far as I know, DeviceOS does most of the connectivity management.

Do you see the same behaviour in 1.4.2?