Particle Boron lost connectivity for 2 hours sometimes


I’m using particle boron and when i upload new firmware,i lost the connectivity for 2 hours.
That’s what i made to fix the probleme but without success:
I put my particle far from any electromagnetic source like motors to remov noises.
I bought bigger antenna instead the TAOGLAS fxub64.

If you guys need more info don’t hesitate


Hi @mbenlarbi -

Just to confirm, your device is currently not connecting to Particle Cloud correct? Can you maybe provide some code (the new firmware)? Also what is the status of the onboard LED?


It’s connected to particle cloud.But i don’t have a steady connection.When i turn on the particle,it will be blinking green for about 1 to 2 hours before its connect.
I have 2200 line of code so far,i will send you all the libraries im using:

#include "Nextion.h"
#include "ArduinoJson.h"
//#include "AzureIotHubClient.h"
#include <google-maps-device-locator.h>

USARTSerial& nexSerial = Serial1;

GoogleMapsDeviceLocator locator;

//#define CONNECTON_STRING ";SharedAccessKeyName=workshop-policy;SharedAccessKey=VtMb3iXvXvztlQgXEhHXr/aobSyxoKFJyBykzmvmxV8="

//#include "Serial2/Serial2.h"
//Date:      2019-08-21
//Company:   ADFAST Corp
//Project:   EAGLE III IOT
//Developer: Mohammed Benlarbi
//Version:   2.0
//- Auto mode
//- Sending alarms via email

HI -

If you flash i.e. the Tinker app, does it connect more promptly? Just trying to narrow down the cause of the problem :slight_smile:


I just flash it,the update is done on the particle but,its still buffer on particle app.

Hi @mbenlarbi -

Hmm… my apologies but I am not sure I understand 100% with “still buffer on Particle App” :slight_smile:

Hi @friedl_1977

After flashing the thinker,i’m not able to control the pins using the app


Hi @mbenlarbi -

I am sorry to heat that you are still having this problem.

May I suggest the following; it has worked for me on several occasions, including what you are describing.

First, you can try Particle:Clean Application from Workbench in VSC while device is connected via USB and in DFU mode.

If this does not work, you can try the steps below:

  1. Download the files needed files from Github. Save them where they are easily accessible.
  2. Install and update Particle CLI on you computer
  3. On OSx… open Terminal (or CLI in workbench)
  4. Connect device to you USB port
  5. Make sure devices is in DFU mode (flashing yellow)
  6. In terminal/Workbench CLI type: particle flash --usb and then simply drag the downloaded files into the terminal (one by one) window. It will automatically enter te file name and path. The device should remain in DFU mode after each flash, unlike Particle Doctor.
  7. Hit Enter. When done, repeat with the next file. Please make sure you have the correct files and order.

After this, the device should be ok.

Hope this helps.
Regards, Friedl.