Boron LTE Stopped Working after Months of Success


  1. While in listening mode, running particle serial identify in the command prompt returns
Your device id is xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Unable to determine system firmware version

once out of an average of 8 attempts where xxx… is the alphanumeric device ID of our Boron. The other attempts just return Serial timed out.

  1. Using the Particle mobile app I am able to pair my phone with the Boron, but when I agree to join a mesh network it exits listening mode and just returns me to the mesh network prompt screen (rapid blinking green RGB LED when this happens). Selecting either option does not advance the device setup - I must exit setup.

  2. I am still able to place the Boron into DFU mode and flash it with firmware from the CLI.

The other Boron we have (same location) has remained connected to the cloud while troubleshooting this. diagnostics shows that the cloud is up. Do I need to purchase the debugging tool to get this working again?


@ParticleD, or @mstanley are you able to assist?

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Hi Eyeohtee,

Do you know what the device OS version that was running on this device? It may be helpful to upgrade to the latest device OS version through DFU mode if you are not running on the latest version already.

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Was/is running 0.9.0 - CLI says that the device already has latest version after running particle update.

Also performed a factory reset. I just left it blinking green when I left work today.

I suggest updating to 1.1.0-rc.1 – it may not fix what you’re experiencing but it’s a good first step. Also, if you’re on Windows, I’d suggest firing up the latest Particle USB/serial drivers installer just to clear out any bit clogs ;^) .

One udder ting – I heard recently that the Gen 3 devices need a little while to get sorted out so that CLI commands work properly. 20 seconds was mentioned.

Oh – please PM me the ICCID of the SIM (or the Boron’s Device ID) so that I can take a look at it in our tools.