Boron LTE CAT-M1 connection is fussy about location ... Alberta, Canada


Recently acquired 2 Boron LTE CAT1-M units for evaluation.

Was able to activate both SIMs no problem.

When attempted to connect to cellular network, neither unit would connect
(never got past rapid blinking green). Many attempts w/o success.

This is in Calgary, Alberta, Canada at a facility in an industrial area in the
far south part of the city.

Took the units to an area more or less in the center of the city,
and to my surprise both units would consistently and reliable connect
following power on – each and every time quickly got “breathing” cyan
and was able to repeatedly blink LED / get vitals from console.

Good stable connections were made to all three carriers in the area –
Telus, Bell Canada & Rogers … seemed to depend on location.

Going to do more precise location testing to get a more specific
take on connecting vs non-connecting locations.

Could it be that there are “dead spots” in the CAT-M1 networks?
That would be the opposite of good.

Would I be better off to use the Boron 2G/3G until CAT-M1 gets
sorted out?

Any and all thoughts, insights and suggestions very much appreciated.

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