Strange issue with a Boron LTE in Canada

I’m having some odd behavior with a Boron. First I activated the device in US to make sure everything works. After that I shipped it to a client in Canada. The device appears to connect to Telus Mobility and and on connection reports 46% cellular signal but I can’t call any functions and the vital/pings checks fail afterwards. The device does report heartbeats though. Very odd.

I have looked at the code again and everything is working fine on a test Boron that I have with me that is on the AT&T network. It appears to me that the carrier has “blacklisted” the device if there is something like that. Any idea what is going on?

Hi @oraclerouter

Thanks for reaching out!

Have you had a chance to file a support ticket with support yet? If not, I might encourage you to either file a support ticket (or provide some of the following information here, if you are comfortable).

For next steps on debugging here, it would be helpful to provide the following:

  1. Device ID (encouraged to provide this privately in a support ticket)
  2. Cloud Debug logs, if your client is comfortable enough doing the setup to capture them per GitHub - particle-iot/cloud-debug: Troubleshooting tool for Particle cellular and Wi-Fi device connectivity
  3. The source code firmware.

Yes, I ended up opening a support ticket.

Initially the client powered up the device in the Toronto area but the next day took it to a different location few miles away. The device ended up working at the destination location. Not sure if there was an issue with the tower where the device was initially powered up but it was a very strange behavior.

Definitely strange behavior! If it’s working now, that’s absolutely great to hear! But if we weren’t able to capture logs at the time of failure, we may have a difficult time diagnosing on our end.

If you do happen to see it again, do see about attempting to capture logs per the provided cloud debug firmware and provide that with any support tickets.