Boron LTE carrier in Canada

Hi, according to this, the Boron LTE in Canada supports the following carriers: Bell, Telus and Rogers.

Is it possible to setup the Boron such that it only connects to Telus?

Hi @Starships!

It is possible to persuade our modems to connect to a specific carrier. However, doing so is not always (or even often) a supported or sustainable practice for ensuring stable, consistent cellular connections with scalability in mind.

Depending on your use case (eg, if you are blocked from connecting because of some carrier context), you can use AT Commands to direct your modem accordingly as a last resort.

First, ensure you’re in a System Mode that allows you a bit of agency over your modem. Then, disconnect:



Cellular.command("AT+COPS=2\r\n"); // de-register from a given operator
Cellular.command("AT+COPS=4,2,\"<carrierID>\"\r\n");  // register with a specific operator

and connect:


I believe Telus’ Carrier ID is 3022200, though I’m not 100% sure.

You can restore the original connection by running:

Cellular.command("AT+COPS=2\r\n"); // de-register from a given operator
Cellular.command("AT+COPS=0\r\n"); // register to the network in automatic mode

With the above in mind, however, if you’re drawn to this issue because of a connectivity problem I would exhaust other means of connectivity troubleshooting first. I’m happy to help you with a specific connectivity problem in the context of a support ticket ( if need be.