Boron LTE Canada look stop sending payload when switching carrier automatically

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Hi folks,

I use more than 10x Boron LTE in Canada and I have no problem for 8 units installed since more than 2 months. But for 2 units, installed closely, look like it’s stop to send payload (particle function) when switching of carrier from Telus to Bell mobility.

When the Boron stop to send payload, I am able to go in the Particle Console, run Last Vitals or Run health check but not of my firmware functions work. I can see the functions in the right panel but even if I try to use, nothing append.

To solve my problem, I need to flash by OTA and it’s not work every time. Often, I need to wait a couple of hours and OTA again.

In both case, signal it’s good and fast, so look not problem about reach the Boron. I share my experience here to see if someone have this problem and I use 1.2.1.


Anyone have a chance to see my post ? While, it’s possible to define a specific APN using the internal SIM of the Boron like an external SIM ? Just in case to stay on one specific carrier


As a first step - try update to 1.4.0 - this has a huge amount of fixes (even perhaps try 1.4.1-rc.1 as a test on one device)


Ok, I’ll give a try to see if it’s fixed my problem but I guess it’s a problem when switching of carrier between Telus and Bell. Like I said, no problem with Telus


Hi, I waiting a lot of time to test and I have the same problem.

Question : Using internal Particle SIM, can force to use a specific APNs ? I want to keep the Boron connected to Telus and not Bell Mobility without using a external SIM card.


Not as far as I know - Particle SIM will connect to an available carrier that is associated to particle. Only the 3rd party sim allows you to set a specific APN. The internal SIM abstracts this away from the user to make it simpler and more reliable.


This thread might be interesting: Restrict Boron 2G or 3G connections