Boron w. 2G/3G external SIM Telus disconnect after a couple of minutes

Started to switch to use Telus SIM with Boron 2G/3G but I have a problem. My cellular connection disconnect always. My led breath cyan correctly but I am disconnected from the cloud.


void setup()

I don’t use particle.connect() , I just let the Boron connect by himself.

Anyone can help please ?

You need to set the Particle.keepAlive() too.

How you determine the right value for Particle.keepAlive(??)

Try to find the info from your cellular provider, search the web for others who have posted about it for the same cellular provider, or try 30 seconds and work you way to higher numbers until it does not respond anymore.

The longer the Keep A Live the less data transmission will happen and the lower your monthly data rates will be.

The Particle Keep A Live is set for 20-23 mins which is about as long as it gets from what I have seen. Some cellular providers require a Keep A Live ping every 30 seconds as an example.

I have tested with 60 seconds and was not enough. I set now with 30 seconds and look work but it’s weird because I have 2 Boron disconnected approx 24h later. Boron blinked fast green, reset button and back to cyan pulse led. I use Telus in Canada with APN “

You may even need to go shorter than 30 seconds. Just keep testing.

Can cause a problem after 24hr to disconnect and not reconnect ? Maybe others problems to investigate ? I ask for because when I set to 60 seconds, I was disconnected quickly. Thanks

Hi @steeves,

I have provided you with a monolithic binary in direct messages for you to use. This binary will provide verbose logging out on device OS v1.2.1-rc.3.

Consider flashing this binary to one of your Borons and monitor logs for when it falls into a blinking green state. Should you capture these logs, feel free to provide them here or in direct messages. :slight_smile:

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