Boron gateway reconnection/recovery following SIM data pause / un-pause?

Dear Particle / Peers,

Early this morning 4/24/2019 it seems that an “accounting event” resulted in data accounting (exceeding some 3MB limits) paused some Boron devices (flashing green).

We have “un-paused” these SIM by allowing for purchase of more data. This was confirmed by email & console, however, “paused” Boron gateways have not recovered following our SIM limit / update.

What additional actions might we take to recovery these gateways without a site visit (costly) to power cycle / reset Boron gateways that remain down?

Many thanks to the Particle Community for this peer-review forum & all who take time to contribute.


Notes I forgot: Same behavior Boron firmware (0.90 / 1.1 pre / 1.2 pre). Nothing seen on serial monitor. Using Particle MVNO / integrated SIM.