Boron - Can't "Unpause" SIM

Couple items here:

Question #1
I’m running the “Blink an LED” default app on my Boron and 4 Xenons that are on a mesh network. The devices needed their OS’s updated, and through an inconsistent set of steps (reset, remove power, fe-flash, etc) I finally got all the devices updated. The question (which may seem silly):

Do OS updates get charged to our 3MB data quota?

I ask because my sim was paused for going over the 3MB bandwidth limit and the app I have installed on all of them has no network interactions of any kind, no functions, no variables etc. The only data pushed were the simple “Blink and LED” app and the OS updates.

Question #2
Because of the bandwidth limit overage, my sim was paused. I can’t unpause it. I get an activity indicator when I bump up the bandwidth allotment and try to unpause, but then the activity indicator goes away after 10-20 secs and just shows the unpause screen. Any tricks here?

Any and all data going over the network is metered, so your OTA updates are too.

Have you increased your limit?
If you haven’t I could well imagine that your SIM will be immediately paused again due to the still present limit violation.

My usage was showing 6.78MB so I tried 10MB. That gave the results I described above. Tried 20MB and got the same thing. Emails to support have also gone unanswered which is rather disheartening for a first experience reaching out to support.

When did you reach out to support?
For develop devices without a payed contract (other than the cellular service fee) there is no 24/7 support.

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Sorry for the delay - everyone at Particle is at an offsite event and support will take a bit longer than usual.

You followed the right process, and it normally would have worked. I can see the request to reactivate made it to the cellular provider at 1/14/2019 12:09:18 AM but it still hasn’t been reactivated yet. That’s unusually long but the request is in the queue and it should eventually complete.

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I had a Boron experience the same problem (not able to un-pause it).
The symptoms occurred immediately after a billing cycle. Seems like was corrected within a day or two.