Paused SIM - Data limit reached

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I have a Boron that I have a 10MB limit set. I got a notification that my 10MB limit has been reached and paused. According to the console it shows Since Jan. 13th the usage is 5.28MB. Is the console delayed in reporting the correct usage or is something wrong here?


In the last few days I also had multiple sims paused early. It could be the rate at which it was using data like a OTA firmware.


Hi TIm,

We’re currently investigating some concerns with our billing API. I suspect that this may be related. As we have more information, we will be sure to update everyone.

I do apologize for any confusion or inconvenience. As necessary, please feel free to file a support ticket


I figured there was something going on… No worries (at least for me right now). Thanks for responding so quickly.


Awhile ago the SIM Data Limits were never actually enforced and I was never notified after going over my set limits.

I’m not sure if that was fixed or not but if you do see the limits working after Partcles API Billing issue is fixed please do post an update here for confirmation the data limits are working.


Hey RWB,

This is actually a separate issue we are currently working with our MVNO on. For our Electron and E Series 2G/3G line of products, MVNO reporting is fairly reliable. But for some of our LTE line of devices, MVNO reporting of data usage is delayed. For customers that have lower limits and high usage, it may not report in a timely manner that they’ve gone over, so we aren’t able to enforce the limit in a timely manner–and as such, end up cutting customers off far past their limit.


In my case my Boron LTE SIM got paused at 2.4MB for a 5MB limit. What I found worse is that the “UNPAUSE” button completely obscures the graph that shows the usage, so no way to tell when it shot up.
Does the Boron have to be online to unpause? The unpausing seems to be failing or timing out and my Boron is turned off right now…