Boron FW restore


Could you try placing it in Safe mode and flashing something reliable, like Tinker or Blink an LED?


I did safe mode step as below:

  1. Boot (power up) with MODE button pressed
  2. Wait until magenta blinking
  3. Let go MODE button

As described here.

LED White blink once
LED Green blink rapidly (finding cellular network)
LED Cyan blink rapidly
LED Magenta breathing (safe mode ready)

Thanks a lot. I’m able to flash back the correct source code

About the my code above, is it because of the output of fuel.getSOC() return char β€œ%” conflicted with %s in String::format() function? Sorry, i’m not good with C language


fuel.getSoC() does not return a percent sign. It returns a numberic value and hence needs to be formatted with %f (or better %.1f%% to get e.g. 83.7%) and not %s.
Passing a float and having the format string expect a string, may well cause problems tho’.

The docs for fuel.getSoC() state